I was in tears at the end of the conversation.

I could hardly answer her.

The lady in the suit who I’d only met twice was reading her report to me over the phone. 

To make sure she had everything right.

To see if I wanted to change anything before she submitted it to the Education Authority for my daughter’s Statement of Special Educational Needs.

It truly hit me off guard for her to be so positive.

For her to be advocating for my child’s needs.

I expected her to write a flat report, merely stating obvious facts and observations.

Yet she wrote the report in great detail, painting my 4 year old daughter in a realistic and positive light.

She used words such as develop, learning, educational need, potential, support, communication, nurture.

She has done all in her ability to justify to the Educational Authority the need for a 1:1 support and specially tailored education for my little girl.

She believes in Brielle’s learning potential.

So that is why I found myself feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

This lady really seemed to care.

The educational psychologist affirmed to me what I already knew to be true.

That is:

My child is unique.

My child can learn.

My child has potential.

My child needs many supports.

My child should be given a fair chance at education.

It’s been hard waiting for things to come into place and school to finally start!

I’m trying my very best to be patient.

Deep down I’m worried that the Education Authority won’t listen to the advice (or they will pick and choose what bits to listen to).

I’m worried that they’ll deny Brielle the provisions that she needs.

I’m worried they’ll write her off as a child with too many additional needs.

That they won’t want to use necessary resources on her for whatever reasons.

I am still waiting for our first draft of the statement.

We’ve already reached the statutory time limit.

I have several people ready to read and advise on changes to the draft statement.

I feel like so much of our life with Brielle has been waiting - waiting to be off bedrest, waiting for her to come home from hospital, waiting for her to get off oxygen, waiting for her to get her cochlear implants, waiting for her to learn how to eat (and we are still waiting).

Now we are waiting for formal education to begin.

And I am prepared to push and fight for everything she needs.

September, school - here we come!

I hope…

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