I have three simple words for Early Intervention success.

Let me in.

Participation in Early Intervention in most cases is voluntary, but if a child qualifies for services, there is a reason.

Let me in.

I don’t care if we have different lifestyles. I want to learn about what is meaningful in your life so you and your child can enjoy life together.

Let me in.

I don’t care if you have laundry on the dining table, dishes in the sink, and some mystery food crushed on the floor - I understand life with children.

Let me in.

I want to know about the things that are going well in your life. 

I need to know that you can find the positive in a challenging situation. 

But I don’t need you to be a super parent. 

I want to know about the things that frustrate you. 

I need to know about the things that push you to the edge and keep you up at night. 

When you are living on that sleepless edge, you are not well. 

If you are not well, you cannot give your best to the child who needs you so much. 

Perhaps I can’t help directly, but can connect you to a someone who can. 

Maybe we talk it through and work out a solution. 

Maybe you just need to vent, and recognizing that can take the weight off your shoulders. 

The only way we can accomplish this is if you are willing to let go of that brave face and…

...let me in.

Maybe you feel we are not a good match. 

Perhaps you want to try a different therapeutic or educational approach. 

You and your child deserve positive relationships and access to what you feel is best for your family. 

Tell me if you suspect you might be better served by one of my teammates or if you want to modify services.

Let me in on what you are thinking. 

I am a professional and would much rather help you find support elsewhere and know you are supported than lose contact and worry that you are not.

I care deeply about your family. 

I know how to help with your child’s development and health. 

I can help you access resources to increase stability and decrease stress in your life so that you can focus more clearly on that beautiful child.

Please, let me in.


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