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by Brittney Baumgartner

Here we are, already in the month of September. Hard to believe, right?

I am now swarmed with Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving turkeys as I stroll the aisles of the supermarket.

The weather has not let up, heat wise, but we did not spend much of our summer here in Texas this break.

In July, Aaron and I got to take our mini get-away for our delayed honeymoon to Maui. Everything gets delayed when you have three children, like dishes. (;

We spent one lovely week there, without the children, and plans for that matter. We woke up each day, with no alarm or baby disguised as an alarm, and spent each day doing whatever we came up with.

It was amazing and even for experiencing a minor earthquake, we left with lots of memories we will cherish while trying to get a quick two minutes shower in while the kids bang on the bathroom door. Ah, peace.

With a short intermission in between arriving back at home in Texas, three days to be exact, we snagged the kiddos and set off for our annual summer adventure to Maine.

Exhausted from the time difference all around the country, we spent almost TWO weeks in the calm peaceful nature of Maine. We sure weren’t missing the heat of Texas up north in Maine.

Filled with lots of fishing, swimming, and a couple storms, we once again made memories we all are sure to remember from then on.

Now back home, back on the normal time schedule and school for the oldest, it’s like we didn't skip a beat.

Therapies are back to Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, we've had our annual Urology checkups and soon to have neurology.

My husband has resumed work, as I have working from home. All is well in the Hinkley household.

Our youngest, Theodore, who is one year old has learned to pull to stand on everything he shouldn't... Even learned how to climb atop Oliver’s toddler bed successfully succeeding at scaring mommy.

Oliver has had good results from all his testing, showing that his deflux and botox surgery for kidneys and bladder were a success.

Aaden, the oldest, has begun fifth grade and made it through the summer with only one injury to his pinky toe which required stitches.

But hey, one injury!! Last year we suffered a concussion amongst other injuries from baseball.

All this mom can ask for in a household full of boys, is the best I can get. And so far this mid-year, I can’t complain.

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