When your child receives a diagnosis, you first find yourself in a dark hole.

I refused to stay in that depressed state and climbed out as soon as I could. 

But I couldn't have done it without the help and support from my online family. 

Google left me with horrible statistics and graphic images of what my son's diagnosis meant to this online search engine.

I quickly learned it was no good.

Until it lead me to a Facebook page where others diagnosed families came to share their stories and lift others out of that dark hole.

It seemed too good to be true, but all I had to do was request to join, and support was awaiting me on the other side.

Within a week of receiving my son's diagnosis, I was accepted into this group and families were sharing the amazing, true, and pure side of what a spina bifida diagnosis was really like.

Many of the mothers preached of how they wished they knew what it felt like the day they met their child and could go back to pregnancy to tell themselves that everything was alright. 

When you hear your own doctor stating that the possible outcome of having a child with spina bifida would mean a disabling life with no quality, it doesn't leave you with a good outlook. 

This needs to change in the medical field. 

Although you're hearing this from your doctor, understand that most only know the medical book definition of a diagnosis, and not the true outcome. 

Because of one doctor, I was given the choice of abortion or having a child with no quality of life. 

I knew this wasn't right so I left him, and found a doctor who printed my son's ultrasound picture, the day of diagnosis, and told me that this was my son.

My gift.

My boy who had a healthy heart.

My fighter. 

Through this Facebook group I saw children whose smiles could light up the darkest of rooms. 

Whose strength could crush the strongest of superheroes.

Children, who had great quality of life! 

No one can predict your future.

Just like spina bifida, where one lesion is so different in one child than another child with the same level.  

Whether my son would ever walk, I knew I could give him the best life! 

Not until he was born, did I learn that he would be giving me the same. 

These groups not only provided verbal support, but shared events we could attend to meet other families as well.

The Spina Bifida Association of North Texas is where we follow to get updates of awesome events they host. 

We help raise money for awareness and enjoy spreading our own knowledge and information on the diagnosis.

One event coming up is the annual Walk-N-Roll. 

This event is hosted at a camp and allows families to come together, raise money and walk for the cause. 

They have vendors for all kinds of medical needs of one with spina bifida.

They offer free food and drinks, even water activities for anyone including those with disabilities! 

A community where no one feels different, and only feels love and support.

As a mother now, this is all I could ever want for my son. 

Thus, I encourage everyone to look for groups of support.

If you know someone who has received a diagnosis and may be going through that dark phase, encourage them to find that support.

Better yet, be that support!

If you know of an awesome group you found peace and support with, please share no matter the diagnosis! 

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