In Oliver's first year of life, Aaron and I found it easy to put outings and dates aside to spend our time with him.

Being new parents, we found it hard to leave him alone let alone go out and not spend all night thinking about him.

In the first year Oliver did not require any specific medical needs or actions. 

It wasn't until last year that we had to begin intermittent catheterization every three hours as well as daily medication.

It surely isn't something you need extensive schooling or special training for, as we learned how to cath him in just one session.

It is however, frightening. You find yourself scared to hurt him, introduce bacteria, or just simply do it wrong. Once we found ourselves finally ready to venture out on a date night, we now found each other in a predicament.

We could no longer have someone babysit Oliver and do a simple diaper change if needed. If we did go out, we would have to time it just right, around his cathing schedule.

Aaron and I knew we had to learn to cath Oliver because it was our only option. We did what we had to do.

Bunkered down and put all fears aside. But when it is someone offering to watch your child, they, as well as you don't expect them self to have to learn to do things such as this.

It is a battle between finding someone we are comfortable teaching as well as someone who is willing to learn how to do it.

This is also one of the many reasons we have failed to ever find a daycare for Oliver.

At one point I actually did try going back to work, to help bring in some extra income. I knew I would need to either get lucky and find a family member that could help, or find a daycare for Oliver.

We all have heard about how frequently children in daycare's get sick, so this was a last option for me. When it finally came down to it, I could not even find a daycare that would accept Oliver.

Now according to law they cannot deny Oliver due to his medical needs, but that was not the issue.

As soon as a daycare heard he had medical needs, they were suddenly full or not accepting new children at the moment.

It was disappointing and infuriating to find places that would not even take the time to teach at least one staff member some of the medical needs that a children may have that would like to attend their school.

Now it is not every day that a child attending daycare needs to be cathed, but to not be able to find ONE daycare in a fairly large city is unacceptable.

I do hope one day Oliver forgives me for blogging and talking about something so private, but I want to make change in this world.

Where it is mandatory for one to take CPR and first aid classes, I want the option to broaden their knowledge if they would like and learn other medical procedures such as catheterization.

We should not limit ourselves to only what we have to know to function day to day.

You never know when one day you will be in a predicament where knowledge such as this would help someone out.  

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