A week ago saw the Big Move happen, Team Sam are now happily ensconced in our new bungalow, and loving every minute smile  Within a week our backs are already showing improvements, Sam is the happiest we’ve ever seen him and we’ve *almost* found everything (apart from the crockery, which still lurks in a box. Somewhere). 

Things did not however go according to plan - one of the key factors of having a special needs child is that we cannot manage without his equipment.

So, when the removals folk left several key items at the old house, we were not amused. 

Neither was the cat, who has had to suffer lots of strangers coming in and out of his home. He also has discovered a knack for disappearing and seemingly teleporting into new and interesting places (which explains the bonkers title of the post). But seriously, this move is the best thing we have ever done.

Last week our new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) arrived and it is seriously fantastic... gloriously purple, wonderful to drive, and far easier to wheel our little dude in and out than to try hoiking his mahoosive wheelchair in and out of the boot!  The battle now begins to get our boy the support he needs.

Today saw me and the little guy take the WAV on his (for some reason the WAV feels like it should be a He) first motorway excursion to the RNIB Pears Centre for specialist education in Coventry.  We visited the centre a week ago to see if they could do anything to help support Sam, seen as though we are unhappy with his current school provision and were astonished at how much they noticed Sammy doing - far from being the uncommunicative, non-interactive child reported by his current school, they saw him making choices, using his head to indicate yes or no (nodding/shaking), and most importantly, they saw how much he uses his eyes. 

Currently as school report that he doesn’t show any visual tracking ability, he gets no support from the visual impairment teaching team or SALT (don’t ask me why, makes no sense to us either).  So, today we went back to Coventry for a full functional visual assessment. Sam rocked it.  It took all his energy to do it all, but he did everything they asked of him from tracking, to locating an object placed out of sight; answering clearly yes or no with nods/shakes of his head when asked.  Even playing a game where he kicked against a desk causing his chair to move backwards... this was apparently very funny and he continued to do it over and over, every time we pushed him back he did it again, grinning all the while! 

Once again our little man is proving that he is far more capable than others initially see - and once again proving that Mummy and Daddy’s faith in him is more than justified smile

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