… you realise that you’ve forgotten an appointment. Again. Oh dear, it really is turning into one of those weeks. Sam had an appointment at the GP’s yesterday evening, and I forgot about it.

For the fourth time.

I have groveled to the surgery like never before, and they are always lovely about it because they understand that we have quite an interesting existence but I feel really bad about mucking them around (appointment rearranged for tomorrow, sticky notes plastered everywhere to remind me). I’ve also missed a dietetics appointment this week, I only realised when I found the appointments letter buried under a pile of DLA letters, grant applications and discharge letters this morning. While searching for another letter to send off for a grant application which needs proof that Sam gets the DLA we say he does.

I was never this forgetful before, and I can only put it down to having just far too much on at once; having Sam has actually made me far more organised, so I know that these lapses are isolated incidents during a very busy time, but that doesn’t make me feel any less bad about missing them. Cue many groveling phone calls today. Bum.

And we can now add another professional to Sam’s collection of medical personnel. At school the physio noticed that one of Sams legs is shorter than the other (I’m the same), so has referred him to orthopaedics for a check up/x-ray. I was born with hip abnormalities so they’ve kept a close eye on his hip development since birth so isn’t really a surprise but it just means one more appointment to add to the never-ending list. Sam now sees (in order of importance/regularity of visits): neurology, epileptology, dietetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, orthotics, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, speech and language therapy, wheelchair clinic and orthoptics. I *know* we have three appointments coming up in SALT and orthotics (two with them), when they’re happening I have no clue without scanning my eCalendar and my paper diary… I need both of these to keep me even vaguely on the ball regarding where my boy has to be and when.

On the plus side, I DID remember to order his medication so we aren’t about to run out of those!

When did life get this manic please?!

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