It would seem that everyone in the universe has seen the new Disney film Frozen! It’s everywhere! Before Christmas, Twinkle’s nursery had Frozen songs playing and winter themed activities drawn from the film. My nieces (all roughly the same age as Twinkle) all got the Frozen dress of Queen Elsa for Christmas. We hadn’t seen it.

I decided to rectify the situation (and satisfy my curiosity!) by getting the DVD for Twinkle’s stocking (as well as a copy of Jungle Book for little bro’s stocking in an effort to counter balance out the princess overload). Both little ones really love music and singing and Twinkle loves pretty lights and sparkly things so I thought they would enjoy both films.

It is really good, and lovely to see two strong female progagonists, but I do wonder if they’ve put some kind of subliminal hypnosis in the magic because, at only 14 months old, little bro has completely fallen for it! He picks out that one DVD from the pile and brings over to us consistently!

Before I watched the film, and maybe more so after, I (like Disney!) was surprised and a little disappointed that Queen Elsa seems to have captured the little girls imaginations more than her more feisty adventuring sister Anna. The contrary in me thought that if ever we get invited to a Frozen party (they seem to be a pretty common occurrence at the moment), I’d dress Twinkle as Anna.

However having watched the film, Twinkle is not Anna, Twinkle is Elsa! Like Elsa Twinkle is unique. She interacts with the world differently from her own little sparkly castle. Perhaps she can’t magic up snowmen and icicles, but she is ‘sensational’! I like to think that this is the reason all the little ones love Elsa, that they are accepting and embracing differences, that it’s ok not to be the same as everyone else…. (I am choosing not to believe that it’s really because she can magic up snow and ice has a very pretty frock on!)

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