When Adelaide's MRI came back abnormal, and we rushed across the state to meet with a pediatric neurologist, someone dropped off laundry detergent.

"I thought this might help."

My first reaction was confusion. 

You dropped off cleaning supplies when I just heard the words, "Bring bags for an extended stay, just in case emergency neurosurgery is necessary for your 10-month-old." 

I smiled and thanked her. 

A few weeks later, our homemade laundry detergent ran out. 

I was about to make more, when I saw that eco-sized bottle and paused to whisper thanks to a friend.

That was almost two and a half years ago. 

Three other people brought detergent. 

Similar sentiments. 

And I realized that it was more than a sweet gesture. 

It was loving on someone in a practical way. 

Our lives went from 'normal' to 'special needs' overnight. 

Our friends didn't really know how to help, but they knew we would still have laundry.

We had to get a second opinion about Adelaide's condition, because our neurologist told us there was nothing wrong. "She'll just catch up." 

Just a few months later, our second neurologist ordered new scans, consulted several colleagues, and delivered the news that our daughter had polymicrogyria and other brain malformations. 

We returned home to piles of laundry. 

Bags of dirty diapers. 

I looked at that laundry detergent and was grateful. 


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