I’m the mother of four little sweethearts, all girls.

I am so incredibly thankful to have them all in my life. I won’t lie, I do feel a little overwhelmed and busy sometimes…well, most of the time.

My youngest Brielle, 4 years old, has multiple special/complex needs as a result of extreme prematurity.

You don’t know how many times I have thought to myself “Boy am I glad that she’s the littlest and I have her three big sisters to play with her and help me out a little.”

They really are such big helpers now. 

My eldest Katie is only 10. 

But despite being young, they’ve learned how to interact with and truly help with Brielle.

My 8 year old Annabelle wants to be a nurse when she grows up and has learned how to do her sister’s syringe PEG feed, and give her an inhaler. 

This was certainly not forced, as she’s been nurse/doctor/mommy to her teddies and dolls long before learning some skills with her sister.

Beth, who is 6, scoots around the floor with her little sister and tickles her, sings to her, reads her books, plays blocks with her.

Katie will carry her, let her lay upside down on her lap (her favorite position), read with her, get her dressed, to name a few activities.

We’ve recently started short stints of walking, without her walker, by me holding onto one hand and the sisters all fight to take a turn holding her other hand. 

We don’t get very far this way, as Brielle is very wobbly and slow given her low tone cerebral palsy.

But she really enjoys walking like a big girl with her sisters! 

She absolutely adores them and can’t get enough of their attention.

To see her giggling in delighted response or stroking their hair or bare skin, or taking turns in play, despite her being mostly blind and deaf, along with other difficulties, makes my heart so glad.

Yesterday we had a bit of a reflux dilemma as we arrived at the park about an hour after dinner. 

As I stopped the car I could hear her coughing and making the noises she usually does just before she brings back up her tube feed.

She’s more prone to vomiting than typical kids would be, but thankfully doesn’t too often anymore.

I exclaimed to the girls “Oh no! She’s going to puke!” 

Before I jumped out of the car and went around to pull her out of her car seat. 

Anna who was sitting next to her in the car, had thought fast and cupped her hands in front of Brielle and managed to catch most of it. 

I know, very gross really, but so sweet to try to help out. 

I got her to run down to the pond with her cupped hands and rinse them out, then she was back up to the car with a big smile and rinsed, but now muddy hands. 

Lots of baby wipes and some sanitiser helped clean the rest up! 

Never a dull moment!

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