No one likes to talk about it, but if we ever find our self dealing with the issue we have plenty of options to help.

Before long, everything is fine and dandy in the tummy and digestive area.

What if it was something you had to battle daily?

child with spina bifida

My son Oliver was born with spina bifida. 

Due to his spine failing to close during pregnancy, Oliver has suffered significant nerve damage. 

The majority of damage is shown in his lower limbs. 

He has no movement and spotty sensation below the knees. 

Nerves in the spine are the main man when it comes to movement. 

They lead to body parts and organs all over the body. 

Per the chart provided, you can even see more or less what areas of the spine lead to sensation and responsibility for what parts of the body. 

child with spina bifida


Because Oliver's spine stopped bonding together at the L5 region, he does not have feeling in the genital area although it is higher than the knees and he has feeling in his thighs and such. 

It is common for people with spina bifida to experience bowel and urination problems, due to nerve damage and the digestive system working at a much slower pace than others. 

By the time the food reaches the digestive track, it has been sucked of all its water and constipation presents itself. 

My son was put on a medication called Lactulose, at only 8 months of age. 

Doctors want him going regularly to keep his system healthy. 

Some children need to be catheterized so they don't hold in excess urine which could ultimately cause kidney failure. 

For the time being, Oliver does not have to be cathed. Back to Lactulose... 

This medication is a man-made sugar solution, that is meant to draw the water back into the digestive track to help pass a bowel movement. 

It wasn't long before Oliver was at the consistency they wanted for him, and a happy little baby again! 

Now that we are on solids and have since parted ways with formula, this medication was failing to show any improvement. 

One visit with his clinic, and Oliver is now on another medication. 

This one works similar to a laxative, but without the harsh side effects. 

It is more like a gentle nudge to the digestive track to get back to working a little quicker. 

So here we are, on two medications for the time being, just to get this little guy to poop! 

But a regular baby equals a happy baby, and for that I am one happy mommy! 

No one really likes to talk about it, but constipation is a real present issue when you have children who have limited activity due to disabilities.  

We as parents, just have to find other ways around things like this to keep our kiddos as healthy as possible. 

I have read and received advice such as warm baths, bicycle kicks, and much more to help the system moving. 

Are you struggling to find the right balance to help your child..go? 

Have you found the lucky solution that works for you and your child? 

I always encourage others to share because you never know what just might be the golden ticket for your family!

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