For the first time since the very first test in September, Cooper finally passed another sight word test, scoring a 76, which is a C- on the alphabet grading scale.

To say we are thrilled is an understatement, but what is really exciting is knowing that that score wasn’t a fluke, Cooper really earned it because he’s been working hard to learn to read those words. 

He’s finally mastered the tough words like “and,” “the,” and “white.”

Each week he brings home a new list of sight words which consists of all the words he’s already studied along with one or two new words shared at the bottom of the list.

In previous weeks, Cooper struggled through much of the list, and almost never got a hang of the new words until weeks later.

Nowadays, Coop flies through the list, confidently reading out words such as “like” and “am.”

He’s even catching on to the new words quicker, perhaps because he’s no longer putting half his concentration into reading the older sight words.

Cooper’s success is in large part due to his teachers—and I mean all of them—his classroom teachers, his special education teacher, and his speech and occupational therapists.

Though he got off to a rocky start, Cooper has earned a very special place in each of his teacher’s hearts, as well as many of the other teachers and administration who interact with him in the hallways.

I believe Cooper has become so special because of his happy attitude and the genuine love he has for others.

My son doesn’t meet a person he doesn’t like and his zeal for life tends to rub off on everyone around him.

Because of his demeanor and determination, I believe his teachers feel a strong desire to see him succeed.

As we near the end of Cooper’s first semester of kindergarten, I believe he has grown in leaps and bounds since that first hot day in August.

His speech and fine motor skills have shown significant improvement since he began working with his speech and occupational therapists in September.

He can actually hold a pencil the right way and his handwriting is finally legible.

And best of all, Cooper is making friends.

In fact, just the other day my husband stopped in a bank where the teller recognized him and shared how her daughter, a first-grader, just adores Cooper and talks about him all the time.

That’s not the first time we’ve had parents stop us in public to tell us how much their child enjoys Cooper.

We’re starting to realize just how special Cooper is not only to those close to him, but to just about everyone he meets.

With that being said, I’d say the first semester of kindergarten is a success!

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