If you've been keeping up with Surviving Kindergarten, you know that Cooper recently took his first test of the year. You also know that I was pretty anxious about it.

For me, this first test would give a true reflection of how well Cooper is understanding what's being taught in class. The test was a sight word test, identifying the words I, a, we, see, can, and the. Each day during homework time, either my husband, Cody, or I would go over these words with Cooper.

To say that was a chore would be an understatement.

Cooper would start off well, he could easily identify the words I, can, and see, since those were the first words his class began studying almost immediately after school started in August. But when it came to the other words, Cooper had more trouble. In turn, he often grew frustrated and, at times, downright refused to go on studying. When that happened, Cody and I found it was best to let Cooper take a little break, maybe get a snack or play for bit.

Sometimes we just took a break from practicing sight words and moved on to a different subject like counting and identifying numbers. Other times it just takes the other parent taking over for a bit. Cody and I have found we can't both work with Cooper on homework at the same time so we take turns each night, but if Cooper grows frustrated because he's not understanding what one of us is trying to teach him, the other usually steps in.

Anyway, back on the subject of Cooper's test results. Cooper's school grades on a 10-point scale, so anything 90 and above is an A, 80 and above is a B, 70 and above is a C, and so on and so on.

Cooper received a score of 73, a C.

Personally, I'm thrilled!

He got a C! Not a D or an F, but a C!

Most parents, including my own, wouldn't have been too thrilled about a C score on a test. Most parents also aren't told that their child will probably fail his first year of kindergarten before he actually began kindergarten. Cody and I are not most parents. We were honestly preparing for the worst, because that's what the “experts” have told us to expect. Well, “experts,” you were wrong.

We know it's only going to get tougher. We know we're going to have to work even harder than before. But with that C, Cooper proved that, despite his struggles, he's trying. He's not letting his cognitive delays get the best of him. That's why, in our eyes, that score of 73 is just as perfect as a score of 100.

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