Remember when I mentioned last week that Cooper was receiving an award at school?

We had no idea what kind of award he would receive so you can imagine our delight when our sweet boy was the recipient of the Good Citizenship award!

What does the Good Citizenship award entail?

It means our Cooper loves to help clean the classroom and he is kind to others. 

It means he is the first to volunteer to help his teachers and that he rarely, if ever, complains. It means our Cooper is an ideal student.

An ideal student. My Coop. 

I couldn’t be more proud even if he had made the honor roll, which is recognizes A and B students.

It’s certainly a far cry from the beginning of the school year when Cooper came home for two weeks straight on the “bad colors” like red or orange. 

In fact, that child has been all but forgotten by his teachers, principal, and, of course, good ol’ mom and dad. 

One person who hasn’t forgotten is Cooper, himself, and I believe it’s what pushes him to be a good student, even on his bad days.

Cooper was so excited to receive recognition by his teachers.

He even took a bow on stage, which of course got quite a few laughs from parents and teachers alike.

The award was definitely a confidence boost, for Cooper and his dad and me. 

There’s no feeling like knowing that your child, despite his differences from his classmates, is still well-received and liked by his teachers and fellow students. 

If you ask me, I think schools should spend more time teaching students to be good citizens. 

After all, playing a sport well or scoring high on tests only gets you so far, but being a good person will carry you for a lifetime.

Coop’s award will be proudly framed and displayed in our home for all who come to visit to see and we can’t wait to share how our child became the recipient of such an honorable award.

Of course we’re not giving up on getting Coop “caught up” with his sight words and reading and we still hope to see him with at least a passing grade in those subjects over the next grading periods. 

But to be quite honest, I’ll take a good citizen over the smartest and brightest any day.

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