My son has just over a month left of his first year of “big boy” school, and I can't believe how the time has flown by.

Sounds cliché but it's true.

It seems like just yesterday I was excitedly ordering a brand new pair of Pumas, a new backpack, and new clothes for Cooper's first day of kindergarten.

My, how things have changed since that hot day in August. 

For the first two weeks, I thought Cooper was quickly gaining a reputation as the baddest kid in kindergarten, but after that it's been almost all “green days” with regular bragging from teachers about how sweet and helpful my child is, which led to a Good Citizen award at the end of last semester.

Now here we are halfway through April, and my hopes for my Coop are higher than ever before. 

The progress in his developmental delays has been phenomenal. 

When Cooper began his speech therapy in September, he couldn't say his “L” sounds at all, with words like “silly” and “laugh” sounding like “siyyey” and “yaugh.” 

Now he pronounces those L's with ease, proudly reading through sight words like “like” “yellow” and “listen.”

To be honest, I was quite negative about how this school year would go, in the beginning. 

I was still in the mindset that Cooper's success was based strictly on whether or not he would pass on to the 1st grade at the end of this year. 

Thank the Good Lord, I've changed my perspective.

In the last year, I've watched my child grow and blossom from a baby to a boy. 

He's not only learned his ABC's and 123's, he's learned how to be a friend.

He's learned to listen to his teachers and therapists and follow their instructions. 

He's learned to embrace school, and to try to enjoy studying as much as studying can be enjoyed. 

He looks forward to every event at school, big or small, especially when the book fair comes around, much to my delight. 

Though the language arts subject is still his biggest challenge, he's steadily progressing even in that.

These are just a few of the many reasons why I consider this year a success no matter Cooper's grade placement at the end of the year. 

Though I have high hopes of him going into 1st grade in the fall, I have found I'm more than okay if he has to repeat kindergarten. 

In fact, I've learned to look at as a good thing, if it happens. 

IF he does wind up repeating the grade, he'll be one of the oldest instead of the youngest kids, and he'll have a head start on everything he and his classmates will learn. 

Plus, he'll get another year with the two teachers who have made his time so rewarding and enjoyable.

The biggest change that had to happen in order for this year to be successful came for me. 

Once I finally let go of that ideal that a school year's success is strictly measured by grade scores, I was able to recognize and embrace the real success my son has experienced throughout this year.

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