Whew! Finally the holidays are over and everyone has returned to their regularly scheduled program.

Cooper began his second semester of kindergarten on Tuesday and it’s off to a promising start. 

The break from school did nothing to diminish his good behavior, something I was a little concerned about since sometimes a change in routine results in him acting out.

With the new semester comes report cards for the last nine weeks, including an updated IEP (Individualized Education Program) report. 

The updated IEP arrived in his backpack Tuesday afternoon, and though some levels had not changed, he did show signs of improvement in speech, an improvement that is very noticeable for those of us who listen to him talk every day.

The somewhat dreaded report card, which also showed his first semester standings arrived Thursday afternoon and to our pleasant surprise, it came with a note requesting our (my husband and myself) attendance at the nine weeks awards program, taking place Friday afternoon, because Cooper is going to receive an award! 

An award! 

You can only imagine the elation we, Cooper’s parents, felt in receiving this news.

The awards ceremony takes place later today, and you can bet Cody and I will be in the front row, camera in place and proud, happy grins on our faces as we watch our son receive his first school award.

Cooper’s report card itself was also a happy sight.

Though he still received a failing grade in Language Arts, it was expected and those last couple of test scores increased the average to a number that is only two points below passing level. 

Two points! 

The rest of Cooper’s scores were all fairly high — in fact he quite possibly would have made the honor roll if not for that Language Arts grade.

With the news this new report card brings, our hopes for Cooper are higher than ever. 

Though he still has a long way to go and receives a lot of help from his special education teacher and assistant teacher to reach the grades he’s receiving, the little guy is trying so hard and is such an inspiration. 

My Cooper is living proof that developmentally delayed children can still see success in school.

Of course with this new semester brings new challenges, all of which we are ready and willing to take on. 

Those two points he needs for a passing grade in Language will perhaps be our biggest challenge, but we’re confident we can help him get there. 

The next big challenge will be reading comprehension. 

We received a letter this week informing us that all kindergarten students will begin the Accelerated Reading program, our state’s program that measures reading comprehension levels. 

Each week, Cooper will bring home a new book we not only have to read but ensure that he has enough understanding and knowledge of the story to be able to pass a test on it at the end of the week. 

Accelerated Reading began when I was still in elementary school and I know how important those tests are to his reading score

So of course I’m a little concerned.

But alas, we made it through the first semester relatively unscathed and I am 100 percent confident we’ll battle through this second semester and win.

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