Not really, but hey a mother can dream!

As soon as Oliver escaped the womb ten weeks early, nutrition was a big part of his life

They had be pumping as soon as I could for any little amount of breast milk. 

I remember those first two days were so hard, not just from trying to produce milk, but from trying to recover from my c-section. 

The nurses would tell me, even the smallest drop would be beneficial. 

So I tried and I tried until one day we got a drop.

The nurse that night gave us the smallest syringe she could find and we saved that magical drop of gold for my baby.

Even though I couldn't breastfeed Oliver just yet, due to him needing to recover from surgery and being so small, I felt such immense joy from being able to produce something my baby needed so much. 

We eventually did get to try breastfeeding, but Oliver has taken so well to the bottle they were giving him, that he just didn't want to change it up. 

Stubborn little Like most mothers, I went through the bouts of producing not enough on occasion. 

I never did have enough time to try other remedies out there, due to me drying up quicker than expected, but I would love if any mother out there found something that worked and wanted to share.

When they discharged Oliver, he was on a high calorie diet. 

Neosure, which is already a higher calorie formula, was increased for him to  26 calories. 

We have continued this diet and he is already one year of age. 

But great news, we are successfully on the growth chart at 17 pounds and 10 ounces! 

Aaron and I are now allowed to start incorporating whole milk into his diet and coming off the Neosure slowly.

Oliver had a rough start to baby food, but hey, who doesn't...that stuff is no bueno sometimes.

The only thing we have to look out for with Oliver, is foods that may contain latex properties such as bananas. 

What a bummer right!?  

Although not all SB kiddos have the latex allergy, they are at higher risk to develop it and i'm just not ready to see if Oliver is one of them. 

I have included a list of foods that contain latex properties. 

Some foods may be on there and your child may do just fine with them, like avocado. 

It is on the list, but Oliver has done great with it and has not had a reaction. 

There is no actual Latex in these foods, rather the same proteins present in latex which cause the allergy are in the following foods:

Degree of Association or Prevalence


- Banana
- Avocado
- Chestnut
- Kiwi


- Apple
- Carrot
- Celery
- Papaya
- Potato
- Tomato
- Melons

Low or undetermined 

- Pear
- Mango
- Sweet Pepper
- Peach
- Rye
- Cayenne Pepper
- Plum
- Wheat
- Shellfish
- Cherry
- Hazelnut
- Sunflower Seed
- Pineapple
- Walnut
- Citrus Fruits
- Strawberry
- Soybean
- Coconut
- Fig
- Peanut
- Chick Peas
- Grape
- Buckwheat
- Castor Bean
- Apricot
- Dill
- Lychee
- Passion Fruit
- Oregano
- Zucchini
- Nectarine
- Sage
- Persimmon


Simultaneous occurrence of allergies to certain pollens and foods described above have also been documented in reports independent of those focusing on natural rubber latex. 

Significant levels of allergenic cross-reactivity have been demonstrated for the allergen groups listed below:

- Mugwort with Carrot, Celery, Apple, Peanut and Kiwi
- Birch with Apple, Pear, Peach, Cherry and Hazelnut
- Grasses with Potato
- Ragweed with Banana and Melons


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