Surgery Day

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by Carolyn Voisey

I’m remarkably calm, as I sit with J sipping far too hot coffee out of a lidded travel mug.  The rising sun lights the room, it’s going to be a beautiful day. 

We finish our coffee as Sam starts to stir, and it’s time to get him surgery-ready.

The look of utter disgust on his face as he stretches his arms out and I whip his pj top off in one movement has his Dad and I chuckling away like a pair of lunatics!

10 minutes later, and he’s been wiped down with pre-op wipes (to guard against MRSA I’m told), is dressed in his surgery gown, and is dozing back off to sleep.

At 8am the Consultant Anaesthetist arrives to go over a few details –softly spoken and gentle, this lady has my complete trust.

She will be responsible for keeping my baby safe during and after surgery, monitoring him for seizures that could prove… problematic. 

I won’t allow my mind to take me down that route.

At 8.50am the porters arrive and we lift our sleepy little bundle onto the trolley bed, before heading off to theatre.

Only one of us can go in with him, so Daddy takes a seat, and I follow Sam.

The room is bright, cartoon characters adorn the walls, taking Sams attention away from the equipment.

A nurse explains what they are going to do, and shows him by putting Bear to sleep with a mask over his snout, then laying him down next to Sam.

Meanwhile the Consultant gently administers the anaesthetic to Sam, and within moments he deeply asleep.

A quick kiss to his forehead and a whispered ‘I love you’, and I’m gently ushered out.

I hate leaving him, and I hate waiting for news.

At 12pm the nurse comes to let us know that he’s out of theatre and in recovery.

His surgeons pop in; everything went smoothly, the wires wrapped easily around the nerve and the unit worked perfectly on testing.

It takes 2 hrs for Sam to fully come round – evidently he was comfortable and the pain meds were working their magic.

And to add some amusement, the lovely surgical team also made sure Bear was dressed appropriately to accompany Sam in theatre.

A mere 10hrs after surgery and he’s discharged… while Mummy and Daddy are incredibly nervous about causing pain when transferring him from the bed to his wheelchair, our little trooper doesn’t seem bothered.

Now to wait 10 days for the surgical incisions to heal, stitches can then be removed and the VNS turned on. And it is going to work.

Because it just has to.

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