So this is Part 2 of our travel blog, if you missed Part 1 have a read. It's day 14 today and it's all passing (too) quickly but we would definitely say so far so good!

So, as promised, this is our next entry: our trip so far. 

Seth seems to be taking it all in his stride, from the flights, time differences and sleeplessness to the different places we've been staying and eating and people we've been meeting.

The only thing which has been consistent is the swimming and beach fun we've had every day (apart from those in the air ) since we left. He now even has his very own rip curl wetsuit and he's loving the Western Australia surf (almost as much as his dad is!).

Our 2 nights in Dubai were a welcome break after our first 7-hour flight. Despite it being a night flight we didn't really sleep, we questioned whether all those night flights we'd booked had been sensible after all!  We'll tell you at a later date! Highlights in Dubai included a huge aquarium and water park at the Atlantis hotel, which our little water baby loved as much as we did, and the world’s tallest building!

On Jan 11th we arrived in Perth, it was officially (no joke) the hottest place on earth that day. Our car thermometer read 46 degrees. What had we let ourselves in for!? It did get cooler, slightly, but the sunshine (and we don't want to brag) has been perfect every day.

So, so far, we explored Perth's beaches, swam in the sea lots, met some wild koalas, started our Aussie physio, met up with some UK friends who have a little girl a bit younger than Seth, went to an outdoor cinema with a picnic, saw some dolphins, and searched many a surf shop for (yet another) board for Joel to buy. We're now on a road trip a few hundred km south of Perth in search of the perfect wave for J to try out his new board on. Seth and I are very happy playing on whichever beautiful beach we find ourselves. We're having fabulous fun.

As anticipated, it's not easy all the time, sleeping at night isn't any better but it's no worse than home so we look on the bright side. Meal times have been made a lot easier with our fabulous GoTo Seat, it's been invaluable, there's not been a mealtime we haven't used it. We've used it on loads of different styled chairs and in different places. It washed perfectly too. In fact he is so comfortable in it, he fell asleep sat in it on our first night in Dubai, he was exhausted!

We're yet to use it for anything other than meal times but I have big plans for it so will keep you posted.

Lastly, I'll mention the wonderful physio we found, Julie Bolton, we saw her at her home, a few streets away from our beach cottage in Trigg, a northern suberb of Perth. She was amazing with Seth and he totally took to her and her super selection of new and exciting toys that he got to play with. She worked a lot on the exercises we do already but gave us some new ideas too. It was super to know we're on track with the physio we do with Seth. We saw her twice and have 2 more sessions with her before we fly to New Zealand. I know I've not been doing as much concentrated physio with Seth as I do at home but we're trying to make all his exercises as functional and as integrated into the things we're doing as much as we can. For example, popping his shoes on and getting him to stand when we're out looking at things or having a coffee, and getting him in his side sitting or all-fours position, and on his tummy when we're on the beach. I definitely feel a bit more relaxed about it all than I had been at home, and that can only be a good thing for us all!

We'll keep you posted xxx

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