Over the next four months Firefly will follow an adventurous and outgoing special needs family, surfer dude dad, Joel, wonder mum, Dr. Charlotte and their 21 month old globe trotter son Seth on their global adventure to New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

Seth was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in 2012. This truly is a trip of a lifetime flying firstly from London Heathrow to Dubai where they will stay for two nights, from Dubai to Perth where these globe trotters will stay in Perth for five nights and will travel to parts of Western Australia in a hire car.

On 3 February they fly from Perth to Auckland where they will pick up a campervan which they will have to travel around in for five weeks. If that wasn’t enough this amazing family will drop the campervan off in Christchurch, on the South Island on 15 March and then on 16 March they fly to Sydney on the east coast of Australia where they will base themselves for five weeks.

After that they will fly to Melbourne for five nights, then onto Singapore for three nights, and then home to the UK on 1 May.

"Joel and I are both 30, he's a primary school teacher and I'm a GP. We live in Dorchester, Dorset, on the south coast which is where Joel grew up. I'm from Devon.

We're outdoorsy, love the beach and the sunshine and Joel's a keen surfer."

That's a total of four months, seven flights and five countries which will see Charlotte put pen to paper and document how this fantastic adventure goes and share some of the challenges they face travelling with their special needs son, Seth, armed with an exciting itinerary, three suitcases and a Firefly GoTo Seat.

We are slightly jealous of this wonderful trip you have planned. Happy travels guys!

My little family is off on a four month adventure, that's my husband Joel, son Seth who is 21 months old, and me. 

This is something we've been planning to do for several years. When Seth was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it felt like our world had turned upside down.

We weren't sure it was still right for us to be going away but those involved in our medical care were really encouraging and supportive in continuing to plan our trip.

So with some careful planning and thought, we are one week away from travelling to Australia and New Zealand.

Our smiley happy Seth was born at term by elective section, why he has cerebral palsy is not really clear.

His cerebral palsy effects his gross and fine motor skills, speech and swallow, he's delayed in all these areas, but we definitely like to focus on the things he can do, not the things he can't.

My main concerns for our trip are meal times, sleeping (he's unsettled at night and wakes lots), and fitting in his daily physio into the adventures and new experiences that we'll be having as we travel.

Seth needs a really supportive highchair for meal times and I've bought (and returned) so many travel ones that just weren't right.

When we heard about the Firefly GoTo Seat it sounded like the perfect solution to meal times whilst we travel and my hope is that it will provide Seth with the comfort and support he needs to eat well but also to enjoy sitting with us at mealtimes.

I hope we'll be able to use it for other activities too, I love the idea of going cycling. We're travelling in a campervan in New Zealand so I'm hoping we'll be able to use it in there too.

In preparing for our trip we've arranged to have physio at regular intervals in Australia and New Zealand.

We also have a folder with our most recent hospital letters and reports. We had to let the travel insurance company know of the diagnosis but there wasn't a problem with this.

We've bought a lighter weight buggy, but again tried out loads to make sure it was supportive enough and the same when we bought a back carrier.

We can't wait for our adventure to start, we're not expecting it to be easy all the time but my biggest hope is that it's just going to be full of fun and a time for the three of us to just laugh and love all that we are doing.

We will let you know how things go.


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