School has finally wrapped up for my oldest son, Aaden, who just graduated fourth grade.

Even as I type that, a small part of me weeps inside.

Not only because he is growing so fast and will start a new school for fifth grade, but because alongside Oliver and Theodore, I fear three months of never having silence.

I never knew why my parents dreaded the summer when I was younger, because that was the one thing I looked forward to.

The trips out of town, or sleepovers with friends. Days out swimming and extended bedtimes. It was my own little vacation.

Now with three boys, I know exactly where that fear stemmed from.

Having three hungry boys to feed, THREE times a day! Not including the endless snacks they can devour. The extended bed times which only rob my own precious sleeping time even more.

Fear sure has struck this household.

Luckily one of those months includes Aaron and I’s honeymoon which is KID FREE!

My parents, excited this time around, have offered to watch them while we enjoy our fashionably late honeymoon.

Besides our other planned trips, we luckily and (fingers crossed) do not have any surgeries planned nor appointments other than the routine check ups for Oliver.

He just had his bladder and kidney surgery in April, and has recovered wonderfully from that.

Theodore has become the little explorer, crawling everywhere and taking little leaps of faith when he tries to pull up on different objects around the house.

Oliver, since surgery, has been waking up every night at least once asking me to Cath him.

Of course, this never coincides with the time that Theodore wakes up for a feeding, so I am still on the hope that one day I can get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. One day!

I am excited to get Oliver in the pool quite frequently this summer, as I heard aquatic therapy can be very beneficial to him.

He does have extremely poor muscle tone and strength in his lower limbs so we will be on the lookout for targeting exercises to help with this.

He has made tremendous strides in his physical therapy, learning to take steps up stairs with some assistance.

Oliver has even learned to pull up on things to a standing position all on his own!

I think this may be where Theodore is getting the ideas from, lol.

All in all, this summer should bring everything from exhaustion to fun memories made. 

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