Well, little one.  Who’d have thought four years ago that you’d be here all grown-up, in your new school uniform and shoes (polished, for once), bags all ready and waiting to head off for the start of the new term?

It’s not *quite* how we imagined it would be, all those years ago, when you were still waiting to be born… we didn’t imagine you sitting in a lime green, fancy-pants wheelchair for example. 

Or that instead of me driving you in, you’d be taken in by a wonderful family-run taxi firm, in their adapted taxi. 

And I’ll be honest, that reality is cutting me in two right now but seeing you ready to go off on your next adventure I am also so, so proud of you.  Of the wonderful, loving, gentle child you’ve become. 

Sweetheart, you are going to have so much fun at school! 

You’ve already met your new teachers, as you had a brief few weeks there before the summer holidays, and I know that they adore you almost as much as we do. 

I know you’ll be safe there, and happy. 

But my darling, I am going to miss you so very much… while you’re having fun painting, swimming and out exploring with your new friends in the school garden, I’ll be sitting at work wondering how you’re getting on, and counting down the hours until I can leave and come home to see you. 

Your Daddy and I don’t see your disabilities, we see you. 

And so do your new teachers and friends. 

And while I cannot promise that I won’t cry when you leave for school (although I’ll be careful not to let you see) I can promise that when you get home we’ll be there waiting for you.

Things may not be how we imagined or expected, but they are none the worse for that.

On the contrary, we are better people for it, and that my love, is all thanks to you x


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