Update, update, read all about it! 

I hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year!

Over here in the Hinkley residence, there has yet to be a dull moment.

But who likes boring anyways?

Our biggest news has yet to hit the fan, but why not share it with the world!

Go big or go home, right? Well, it is my pleasure to announce that Oliver is going to be a big brother come September!

That is right spina bifida, your “higher risk” did not scare Aaron and I from trying for our numero dos.

We have tested and found some interesting new facts concerning our health (like me having the MTHFR gene mutation), and have done everything in our power to take the right steps.

We are no longer fearful of what the doctors say may or may not happen. Just like with Oliver, we are in complete trust that this baby has been blessed upon us for some reason!

Upon other news, Oliver just had his fifth surgery. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed. We were told it is one of the worst surgeries to recover from, but this little trooper got through it!

We are now five days post-op and I am struggling to get this boy to continue his oh-so-fun, liquid diet.

All he wants to do is eat whatever Mommy or Daddy is eating. Even if he has a bowl of ice cream in front of him!

Oliver had to have the surgery done due to his sleep and central obstructive apnea diagnosis, which we received sometime last year.

Due to his chiari malformation (which means hind-brain herniation) he had limited space in his esophageal region, which was causing him to stop breathing multiple times a night.

In February we have our follow up sleep study scheduled, and hope to see a marked difference in his breathing. I tell ya' tho, it never gets easier seeing your child go back for surgery.

I cried like a baby, and I'm betting hormones had little to do with it.

In another post, I mentioned we are also going through the process of gettting him a big boy, official wheelchair! I could not be happier to see this process go through and give him the joy of mobility and independence.

My calendar for the 2016 year seems empty as of yet, but I know that could all change.

Also making its' appearance with big news, MY WEDDING! Soon to be Mrs. Hinkley, I will me getting wed to my prince in December.

So how is all that for an update!

These are my favorite kind to write about, because they are all filled with hope, promise, and happiness.

No matter how many updates I have had to write that were not so happy, I do try my best to keep that hope for days like today.

When I have nothing but the present and future to look forward to.

Has your new year been filled with any great news?

We always love hearing from our readers, so share away!

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