In our home, we really do try our best to feed our children the best and suggested. Whether it’s from a doctor, nutritionist or book, we probably have tried it. 

Our oldest, Aaden, is ten years old and habit was well formed in his bones before I had the pleasure of meeting him at five years old.

He hated anything green, and if it was crunchy in his food, he had to know what it was. Green? Oh, its seasoning. Crunchy? Oh, it’s just the way it cooked.

Excuses. Lies. Bribing and persuasion, we tried it.

Through the pain and tears, exhausted with forcing it, we take what we can get from him. A little yogurt here. Limit of one soda on the weekends only.

We are all happier and although not a ton healthier for it, in agreement.

Theodore, our youngest, is like a blessing in disguise. He will eat everything and anything. Literally, anything.

I can't count on one even two hands how many times a day we stop him from eating something he is not suppose to off the floor or anywhere he can find.

He even had no objection to the cat food he frequently tries to visit. So without any objection, we are able to load him up on all the healthy veggies and fruits.

Hopefully, setting in the habit to make better snack choices in the future.

Now our middle one, Oliver, is the hardest. I am talking ten times harder than Aaden, and he is one tough cookie.

This boy is hungry all the time, but looking at him you would think he never ate.

Now of course, our size and stature is on the small size because he is diagnosed with spina bifida which has caused paralysis in his lower limbs, he was also premature by ten weeks and never seemed to catch up to the growth chart.

At three years of age, we sit at just about twenty two pounds and it has been this way for the last year and a half.

Theodore is just a couple pounds behind him, already sharing his clothes... or I should say Oliver is sharing Theodore’s twelve month clothes.

My little man loves apples and will eat a veggie or two if its in disguise, but would rather snack on things like chips and fruit snack gummies.

He is always asking for a snack, and it never fails that I struggle to find just exactly what he wants. It is never the same, and we face the battle again thirty minutes to an hour later when he is hungry again.

We would love any feedback or suggestions as something you all may have tried or found helpful for being a hit with the picky kiddos and an extra plus if it could keep them full for a bit longer than the usual hour or so.. 

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