Special Siblings

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by Rebecca Toal

Aren’t siblings great?! I for one am so thankful for my three sibs, and for our childhood together, and now the special bond we share as adults, with families of our own.

I am also immensely grateful for the relationship that my four young daughters share.

I never tire of seeing them play with each other. Those little acts of kindness and sweetness. The sharing.

Don’t get me wrong- in a house full of girls there are plenty of cat-fights! Squabbling, bickering, little nudges, mean words and pulled faces.

Sometimes they drive me crazy! I wonder are boys like this too?!

But on the other hand, I do relish the times when they help each other, share their things and stories, give advice, play and sing and dance together, and just flat out enjoy each other’s company.

Ah, those sweet moments together, I wish I could remember and catalogue each one in my mind’s eye.

Thank goodness for photographs and short video clips to capture some of those precious moments.

The older girls really have been so good with their little sis with complex needs.

They’ve learnt so much about life, about disabilities, and about love, with the experiences Brielle has brought.

They absolutely dote on and adore her!

She’s now 6 years old, and they are as gentle and caring with her as they were when “baby ‘Elle” was a tiny, fragile baby.

A few days ago, my friend commented on how obvious the girls’ pure love and devotion for Brielle was.

She said she could see their faces and eyes light up when they were talking and playing with her.

That made me so proud and happy as a mama!

My girls are definitely more aware of others with special needs and disabilities now, since Brielle came into our lives. I’d say they are so much more sensitive and empathetic.

They understand the need for adaptive equipment, special support, alternative communication, artificial feeding, the list goes on.

I’m so glad that I have such great little helpers to daily infuse fun, laughter, love and companionship into our lives. 

Brielle would not be the happy, engaging, inquisitive girl she is now, without the love and guidance of her big sisters, I know that for sure!

They would fight fiercely for each other. And so much more so for Brielle as she can’t fight for herself oftentimes.

Yes, siblings are the best. Happy National Siblings Day!

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