They say it costs more than half a million dollars to raise a child these days.

Putting aside those ‘normal’ costs, here’s a snapshot of the last financial year for Charlie (and worth every cent, of course):

GP Appointment where I raise my concerns about Charlie’s lack of milestones $    65
Referral and subsequent appointment with Paediatrician $   330
Blood and Urine Tests $1,660
Subsequent Paediatric Appointments x 6    $1,200
Neurologist                                                                                                           $  600
Fortnightly Physiotherapy Sessions $3,380
Fortnightly Occupational Therapy Sessions   $3,380
Monthly Speech Therapy Sessions $1,690
Membership/Registration with Community Organisations  $  250
Specialised Pram / Wheelchair  $4,560
Other Equipment – walking frame, UpSee, car seat, exercise equip. etc $  550
Pool hire fees for hydrotherapy x 15 $  350
Hearing the words, “Don’t worry, this one is covered by Medicare” Absolutely Priceless

And here’s my little complaint to end the topic: we are lucky enough to have received a ‘bucket of money’ for Charlie’s therapies – speech and OT only. 

This is in the amount of $6,000 – a fund we don’t physically have, but can draw on to pay only those therapists approved by the funding body. 

Here’s the thing: therapists direct from the phone book charge around $90 per session. 

Therapists from the ‘approved list’? 

A minimum $120. 

I fail to see that this is anything other than profiteering, and it makes me sick. 

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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