As many parents including myself have before, we’ve all shared how disheartening it can be to see your child not included in things. 

Sometimes by choice, others by the unfortunate circumstances that seem to follow them.

My little Oliver is almost three years old, and I can count on one hand how many buddies he has.

Partial to the fact that we just don't get out as much to have playdates, but more so because most of the kiddos he grew up knowing have quickly advanced to walking and running around.

My little guy just doesn’t have the fun they have when he's working so hard just to keep up. So we usually stick to mommy and son dates.

With my second child now about to be six months, we are excited at the possibilities he will bring for him and Oliver.

We know they will grow close in age and to be the best of friends, but until Theodore can sit up or crawl on his own, I am a mommy to two children not walking at the moment.

We tried the puppy companion thing, and unfortunately Oliver was just too scared of the bouncy, spontaneous licking animal.

Because he feared puppies, we didn’t even bother to try any other type of animal.

After all, a two year old can’t fully comprehend that a pet needs other things beyond love and as a new mommy I wasn’t ready to take on another pooping-eating machine.

Yet somehow, about eight months later, we found ourselves with the opportunity to adopt a young kitten who was found without a home.

Deciding to give it a shot, we were beyond shocked with what happened.

Oliver found a best friend! He took to her like it was a natural mother-son bond.

Without fear he loves, kisses, holds and actually helps care for her.

Even through play when he may encounter a scratch or nibble, Oliver knows that she is not doing this through anger but just playfulness.

Despite the fear he showed with puppies and other animals, he has yet to show any fear with our little kitten.

With a few reminders, he knows to be delicate when handling her and loves sharing his toys with her.

In the last month that we have owned little kitty, (we have not come up with a name, although Oliver keeps calling her Brock Lesnar because WWE is his favorite) Oliver has grown emotionally.

Seeing him finally bond with something and not feel left out, has given me and the rest of us such joy.

She has even gotten him to be more physically active with all the chasing and playing.  

I am not recommending that a pet is something that will fit every family, but finding the right one has done wonders for ours and I just know it will be something Oliver remembers when he’s older. 

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