Adelaide drinks from a bottle.

A very specific bottle.

We finally found one that has a nipple she can't chew through in two days.

We are trying to learn the fine art of cups.

And straws.

She was breastfed for almost 16 months and transitioned easily to bottles.

But cups have been another story.

A story that makes me want to start drinking myself.

We have purchased one dozen different cups.


Soft top.

Hard top.

No lip.


And the famous Mr. Juice Bear.


Supposedly, you squeeze his belly to teach your child how to use a straw.

Well, this is what Adelaide thinks of that...

child with special needs

Mr. Juice Bear got her to take a sip once.

I think it was an accident.

She seemed equally pleased and terrified.


We do feeding therapy at home, since, well, insurance. 

I like to think that I am patient, but this drinking business is hard work.

I am not sure if it's her polymicrogyria or her hypotonia, but we are hitting wall after wall.

Milk, juice, smoothies.

Nothing works.


Today, I found her super specific bottle on clearance and bought all of them.

I was pushing Adelaide in her wheelchair, wearing Bess in a ring sling, and carrying a lifetime supply of bottles.

I am grateful that Adelaide takes things by mouth.

I just hope Mr. Juice Bear's feelings weren't hurt too badly.

It's hard to bounce back from that kind of rejection.

More like this please...

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