I just wanted to introduce myself, Brittney, and my wonderful family! 

I always enjoyed writing, but never really blogged until I had Oliver.

When I met Aaron, he was a packaged deal with an amazing little boy named Aaden. 

We became the three musketeers, until I had Oliver back in April of 2014. 

When we first found out the news that we would be parents together for the first time, we were ecstatic. 

Aaden had always wanted a sibling, and what a blessing it was to be able to give him this experience. 

Our pregnancy went along quite uneventful until we reached 18 weeks. 

Not only did we find out our baby was a boy, we also received his diagnosis of Spina bifida. 

child with spina bifida

You may have read the blog I wrote the day after we received his diagnosis, but it was a hard time. 

This though, was when I found the calling to start blogging about our journey. 

It was my outlet... my release. 

I have always been an introvert, so without having to get out and talk to a bunch of people and not break down, this was my way of communicating with the world about what my family and I were going through. 

Of course now, it seems so silly to say it like that, because I don't feel like we are going through anything horrible. 

It is tough, yes, but this is our unique journey and I couldn't imagine life any other way now.

Pretty soon we learned that Oliver was not going to continue having a boring ol' pregnancy. 

I was admitted to the hospital at 24 weeks due to contractions. 

Aaron and I had been in Houston going through evaluation for fetal surgery. 

Although it is finally up and coming, fetal surgery was not widely known at the time. 

A handful of participating hospitals had just completed trial studies for this type of surgery. 

What the surgery entails is basically closing the baby's open wound on his or her back while in the womb. 

After the surgery, the doctor's would put the fluid back in, close you up, and you would continue your pregnancy until delivery. 

child with spina bifida

Of course, I am only giving the basics to this very risky surgery. 

We went to two hospitals for evaluation, but ultimately did not qualify for difference reasons at each one. 

The last hospital though, we only disqualified the day before scheduled surgery due to a shortening cervix and … contractions. 

From Houston, I was allowed to come back home (which was Dallas at the time) to continue my bed rest. 

Unfortunately they stuck me in the slammer (the hospital lol) and that is where I stayed in bed for 6 weeks until they could no longer keep this bouncing baby in.  

I was 30 weeks and one day pregnant when Oliver Carr Hinkley came into this world. 

From then on, my world has been upside down and all around, filled with love, joy, fear, anger, sadness and more. 

But for him, for his story and everything he goes through, he is not alone and for this reason I blog.   

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