I think I sometimes forget that Oscar is still a child who wants to and enjoys doing the same things as other children do.

But, with the severity of his disabilities this can often be difficult.

I seem to get lost in a fog of appointments, therapies, feeding, changing and other day-to-day chores that sometimes I need reminding there is fun stuff that needs to be done as well. 

But, Oscar is very good at reminding me about this. 

Oscar was on school holidays recently and the weather had been horrible. 

The rain had been coming down by the bucket load but then by some miracle it stopped. 

The dog needed to be walked, Oscar needed some fresh air and I needed the exercise. 

So, we got ready to go out for a walk. 

I thought we’d just go round the block, we should be able to manage this before it started to rain again. 


As we walked round, I noticed the clouds were getting increasingly darker then just as we were at the half way point of our walk I felt the first big fat raindrop on my head. 

Then the heavens opened. 

This would have not been as bad if I had put the canopy on Oscar’s chair and brought the rain cover out with me. 

I had bravely (or maybe foolishly) thought we could do without them.

So, I had to make a run for it. 

Now, anyone who was driving along the main road was probably wondering what on earth the mad woman trying to control an over-excited labrador, push a young boy in a wheelchair (using just one hand), whilst running in the pouring rain was doing. 

But, Oscar loved it. 

He set off laughing and couldn’t stop. 

Which, in turn, made me laugh. 

I was out of breath from running, I could hardly see through the rain but we were happy. 

We were having fun in the rain. 

Oscar loves to feel the rain on his skin. 

It’s something so simple but it brings him so much joy. 

Children like to play in the rain but it is something that some children with special needs don’t get to experience very often. 

Often their outdoor wheelchairs are not exactly very waterproof!

Normally, when the first signs of rain start, I am usually busy trying to get the rain cover on Oscar’s chair before he gets soaked and cold. 

When we got home, we were all soaked, but the smile and twinkle in Oscar’s eyes made the fact that we both needed to get dry and changed not matter at all. 

Now, when it rains, I don’t reach for the rain cover so quickly.


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