Well hasn’t this come around quickly?

All the hard work, planning and time that has been put into your EHC plan, communication passports, sensory assessments etc, has finally paid off…it’s your first day at school! Dressing my ‘baby’ who now suddenly seems to be all grown up in a little red uniform, the smallest size available from school. At 2 years & 11 months, he’s starting an early years placement in big school! A special needs school. He will be doing 3 x 6 hour days a week. That’s a long time without the little person who’s been attached to my hip for almost 3 years! How will I cope without him?!

I know in my heart this will be so, SO good for him! Intensive therapies, constant input throughout the day. More Physio, OT and SALT input etc. But still, I can’t stop myself worrying.

Worrying how he will cope. How I will cope?

How his teachers will cope? I know they will have seen many, many children like my son before. But it’s still hard to just hand over his care to people who are in essence, complete strangers to me. They don’t know him, they only know what they’ve read in his ‘all about me’ and his ‘communication passports’, how will they know what he needs?

What he wants when he’s crying?

Even I struggle sometimes! So after taking photos, lots of photos. I drove him to school, got him out of the car and into his buggy and waved him off at the school doors.

Aj with his mum on his first day of school
Aj with his mum on his first day of school

The doors shut behind him and I felt sick with worry. I tried to keep myself busy throughout the day, trying hard to stop myself from ringing school to check up on him. I got a phone call at around dinner time and my heart stopped. I immediately thought it would be school. I thought they were going to tell me he had choked on his dinner, or fallen and really hurt himself. And to my relief.. It wasn’t school. It was just a friend, who I then had a huge paddy at for scaring me (oops lol). Eventually, after what felt like a lifetime.. I got back in the car and set off to school to pick up my son! Watching all the other kids be escorted out, I saw him, he looked so tired after his long first day! But he was happy. He’d had a good day and settled in really well! I had worried for nothing.

Aj on his first day of school.
Aj on his first day of school.

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