With Christmas approaching faster than I am ready for, it seems routine that I find myself in a certain predicament.

It comes with birthdays and most gift giving holidays.

This predicament I find myself in, is the difficulty I have in finding the right kind of gifts for my son Oliver.

Oliver is my first born, who was diagnosed with spina bifida. He can take a few steps and stand for a short period of time, with assistance, but for the most part he crawls or uses his wheelchair around the house.

Being three years old, there is usually a general group of things most families follow along with in getting their toddlers.

For instance, it can start out with walking toys, toddler pools, activity tables, and even play kitchens or outside playhouses.

There are a few things here, we have learned, that we have issues with.

We of course never used the assistive walking toys for Oliver. So we can skip that entirely. But the next we found difficulty with, was the toddler pools.

Without being to walk for very long, Oliver has weak trunk support. Being wet in a pool, can create slippery situations where he might want to move around and slip in the water with.

To adapt to this, unfortunately we just don't put that much water into the pool when he is using it.

Activity tables may be a hit or miss, which go hand in hand with the play kitchens. For these, they are just to high.

Oliver spends most his time sitting down, and in order for him to play with these, he has to use an abundance of energy to stand long enough to enjoy them, or he has to play with only what is reachable from the ground.

Lastly, I have always wanted to buy him a playhouse for outside. He absolutely loves being outdoors, and this mom would rather him not spend his entire time on the ground with the other creatures that live and roam around out there.

So far, we have only found one playhouse that is actually wheelchair accessible as far as the width to enter, and the height for him to play on the counters with.

The problem here, is that there is only one. There is no opportunity for the diversity in playhouses, no ability to pick and choose what we may like in one over the other, no ability to find one that matches who he is and what he would enjoy in a playhouse.

I know, I know, beggars can't be choosers.

But with Christmas approaching, and this momma being on the stretch of ground accessible toys my son can play with, I am quickly running out of options and find myself again... in this predicament. 

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