The woes of becoming a big brother have already hit Cooper.

I've had no choice but to the baby first and give up some of my mom duties in favor of “bed rest” or as I refer to it, “house arrest.”

I've just completed my fifth stay in the hospital since January 14. 

As it turns out, hyperemesis gravidarum tends to get a lot worse the next go around, at least it has in my case. 

By this point in my pregnancy with Cooper, the hyperemesis was nearly gone and I was finally feeling healthy. 

But this time my sickness has been cyclical, occurring as regularly as a woman's monthly cycle. 

My doctors have already advised me to prepare for a repeat of this next month, an idea I'm not too fond of getting used to. 

I've been ordered to bed rest due to the anxiety attacks that have plagued this battle with hyperemesis.

The cyclical vomiting and anxiety isn't what's bothering me the most about hyperemesis—it's the amount of time I'm spending away from Cooper. 

Though Coop received his first all-passing-scores report card recently, his grades have slipped for the most part during these past few months since I've been so ill. 

When I arrived home this go-around, Cooper didn't want anything to do with me at first—he said he was mad at me and the baby. 

After a few hours of being ignored then yelled at, Cooper finally crawled into my lap and said something that broke my heart: he wanted the baby to “leave.”

“It's the baby's fault you stay in the hospital away from me too long!” he cried, “I just want it to leave!” 

As I calmly explained that what was happening to me was no one's fault, but just something that happened to mommies sometimes, the realization hit me that Cooper was already feeling the stings of being put second to a sibling, emotions I wasn't really thinking would be felt until after the arrival of the baby.

But now with the bed rest orders, and everyone from the doctors to my husband and mother telling me to take a break from my regularly schedule program, I'm already sacrificing Cooper's needs for his baby sister (yep, it's a girl!) and neither of us are liking it. 

As it turns out, no one else can study with Cooper quite like Mama. 

No one else fixes that mess of blond waves or helps him brush his teeth and pick out his clothes in the mornings before school quite like Mama.

With over a month left of school, naturally I am very concerned about how another stay in the hospital will affect Cooper's school performance, and ultimately his grade placement for next year. 

The last thing I wanted from this pregnancy was for Cooper and his developmental progress to suffer, but most of all I worry about Cooper's emotional well-being. 

He's a child who needs stability and routine to thrive, and all of that's being rocked right now. 

I would love to receive advice from other parents on how to get through this transition without totally reversing all the progress my son has made in the last year, so please leave comments if you have something to share.

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