As a new year approaches I look back at 2017 and think WOW. 

At the start of the year my daughter was still under our local hospital and had just started physiotherapy.

I was very new to the disability world and naively felt that we weren’t going to be on this path for long.

A year later, Great Ormond Street Hospital feels like a second home, as we are up there so frequently. Instead of Googling symptoms I now just flow with it.

I now know the physiotherapists by name and our GOSH consultant can come into a waiting room full of patients and make a bee line for us without asking the nurses where we are first, but we do go up on average every 4-6 weeks.

We have learnt that science and medical professionals do not know everything, but they will try their hardest to get an answer.

We have learnt that there are no magical wands that can wish away a symptom, but the doctors will try their best to help ease the symptom.

We have learnt that even though the professionals want to increase physiotherapy or give out certain equipment, due to budget cuts they are unable to.

We have learnt that it is not bad to ask for help, whether this is from charities to fund equipment, or the health visitors/support workers to say your not coping emotionally.

It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength.

We have learnt the joys of inch stones and how to be happy as children around us of similar ages reach their milestones.

We have learnt that someone will always have a piece of advice; sometimes this advice is worth trying and other times the advice is potentially dangerous for my daughter.

We have learnt that people will ask inappropriate questions that they wouldn’t ask if my baby didn’t have a disability, but because of her disability they feel that they can ask these questions.

We have learnt that people shy away from us at parents and tots, as our baby has a disability. People don’t like seeing children let alone babies with disability.

We have spoken to people in all walks of life, in different countries that we would never had spoken to if it wasn’t for my daughters disability.

We have made friends with fellow parents, in similar situations, we have laughed together, cried together and boosted each other when needed.

This year has been a learning curve to say the least. I am sure next year will be too and in fact many more years to come.

I hope this time next year I can look back and have more happy memories than sad memories.

This coming year we know will be one with difficult appointments.

This year was not the year I had planned, this year was one which I thought would never end and yet I am proud of what we have accomplished in 12 short months. 

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