Karen England is yet another special needs parent hitting the headlines for her campaigning efforts.

Karen has highlighted the fact that the Orchard Centre, Didcot does not have plans to provide toilets with bench and hoist provision for customers with additional toileting needs as part of it's £50m extension.

Karen, like most special needs families plans trips out around venues that provide adequate toileting facilities for her 13 year old daugher Tamsin.

Tamsin has cerebral palsy and requires a bench and hoist to meet her toileting needs when away from home.

Karen was recently interviewed by The Herald and this is what she said,

"It impacts the whole of our family because if there is not a toilet suitable for Tamsin to use we have to pack up and go home.

"Which means my other two children miss out because we can't just leave them there unsupervised.

"Everything we do, we plan around whether there is a Changing Places nearby.

"We went to the cinema in Didcot over the Easter bank holiday, which was only possible because the Cornerstone have a Changing Places."

"In Oxfordshire, there is one at the Windrush Leisure Centre in Witney and at a pub in Cumnor.

"And that is pretty much is it and it is wrong for people with a disability to be limited as to what they can enjoy and do just because public places do not have the right toilets for them.

"I just could not believe it when I saw the Orchard Centre didn't have any plans for a changing place and for us, it would be the nearest place for us to go shopping."

 "It impacts the whole of our family because if there is not a toilet suitable for Tamsin to use we have to pack up and go home."

The developer Hammerson said they have not ruled out installing one at a later stage but it is in not in the current plan.

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