For this blog post, I wanted to write and brag about a certain camp we attended this year.

A special camp that spoke right to our hearts, and left us with memories we would cherish forever.

Not only was it our first family camp, it was our first spina bifida camp. . . Camp John Marc.

If you have not heard of it, I highly recommend looking it up!

Although it is only in Texas, is had such a broad range of camps to enjoy that could meet your child's specific diagnosis.

A little background on the camp, John Marc was a nine year old boy who was diagnosed with bone cancer while living in Dallas, Texas. He was a vibrant young boy who loved the outdoors and playing at his family's ranch.

When he passed away, his parents donated 135 acres in honor of their son, to start up a camp for kids with special needs to enjoy.

Muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis were the first camps started in 1967 and 1979.  About 48 years later, there are camps out there for almost any pediatric diagnosis!

What the camp does is they host a specific diagnosis camp for the weekend, and families can sign up to attend. So in November, they had a camp for spina bifida.

They have camps for families to attend with their children, where the child with the diagnosis can be up to 7 years of age before they graduate onto the summer camps in which they attend by themselves. We attended this family camp, as Oliver is only 20 months old.

We came in on a Friday to check in and enjoy a camp dinner with introductions and scheduled activities.

Each family could share or have their own cabin to sleep in for the weekend. The weekend was full of activities which we signed up for.  Each one was specifically tailored for kids in wheelchairs or whatever other need they had!

Who knew of the possibility for a paralyzed child to be able to experience the joy of zip lining?!

Although Oliver was too young to personally enjoy some of the activities, it was such an experience to be with other families' who knew what you were going through.

To see Oliver wheel around with other children in their wheelchairs, chasing one another.

Not only this, but to see Aaden (Oliver's step brother) be among the family and children and see that no matter what they were diagnosed with, they could all easily enjoy the same activities together.

Sometimes amongst all the appointments and therapy, you can easily feel like no one understands the busy life you lead for your child and yourself. But attending camps like these, everyone understands and can completely relate and even shed some hope on the things you may struggle with.

Even if Texas is just a little too far, there are more places like Camp John Marc who are doing great things for family and children with special 

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