If you are like me, you are very very excited about the upcoming seasons and activities that fall in line with them. 

Although we did not greet fall with the appropriate weather here in Texas, I fear not because slowly the heat is tapering off.

Our temperature highs are now only in the nineties, high eighties if we’re lucky.

The leaves are slowly dying and falling off the trees in our neighborhood, and slowly I see the autumn decorations make way to everyone’s front yards.

Right now in ours, we have one scarecrow and two hay bales!

Coming opening day for all the pumpkin patches, we will accent the hay bales with the lovely orange fruit. 

Personally, I am excited about the attire autumn brings and the cool days and chilly nights.

Sweater weather! My closet is jam packed with all kinds of cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and jackets.

My only problem is autumn and winter usually call for jean wearing. I have no problem wearing them I just wish I fit into all of mine! Lol!

Summer allowed me to get away with skirts and shorts. At least the weather is cooler for walking back in to shape.

We usually don't get any snow here in Waco, Texas; at least none worth making any snowman or having snow ball fights with.

We do however, dreadfully, get lots of rain which ices our roads and causes mass chaos amongst the drivers here.  

Another plus we usually don’t think about, is that we are able to cut back on AC usage.

When it gets cool enough at night, or even during the day, I tend to be able to leave the AC off until we need heat. Nothing like saving a few bucks a month on your electric bill!

Do you have any fall/winter traditions you and your family do every year? 

For my own family, we haven’t established any particular tradition or routine when the seasons change into cooler weather, but we do attend a pumpkin patch every year.

My step son Aaden, has his own favorite and loves to break out with the hot chocolate even if the temperatures haven’t hit the appropriate digits yet.

With my two youngest now of age, I hope to get some crafts done for keepsake. We saw the cutest one, as shown below, that we definitely plan on making. How cute is it?

Leave us a comment below if you’d like to share any particular crafts, traditions or things you’re looking forward to with the new season! 

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