Summer is upon us; the time of the year when families stock up on gallons of sunscreen to shield their faces from the scorching heat of the sun!


No one can deny the importance of sunscreen in summer, but what so many people don't seem to care enough about is the importance of sunscreen for the rest of the seasons.
Winter, Monsoon or Spring, you don't want to ignore sunscreen from your daily skincare regime, because here are some extremely vital and versatile uses that this holy grail invention offers:
Shields From Harmful Ultraviolet Rays
Our ozone layer has depleted to the extent where it has put us at a very high risk of getting affected by the UV rays. These UV rays can pass effortlessly through the ozone layer and cause extreme damage to our skin, by penetrating and triggering skin disorders. Now unless you're okay with your family being in a situation like that, get yourself a bottle of good quality sunscreen!
Prevents Skin Cancer
Wearing your sunscreen daily and consistently, can save you or minimize your chances of acquiring various types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma, life-threatening cancer for women. Think of this as an important health measure that you're taking, and that should be enough to motivate you to put in the effort of slathering it onto your face in the morning.
Prevents Sunburns
Caused by UV rays, sunburn can be painful! It weakens your skin and can lead to bruising, peeling, swelling and itching. The blisters resulted from a sunburn can even escalate the risk of melanoma. Other than that, nobody wants to look red all over anyway, so keep yourself looking healthy and nice; wear sunscreen!
Prevents Skin From Premature Aging
The texture of skin keeps changing, as we naturally age, but what can drastically fasten up this process is the sun and UV ray exposure. The appearance of deep creases and lines on the face, around lips, eyes, brows, and forehead, becomes too prominent and causes people to look much older than they are.
Liver spots start showing up at around age 50, and age spotsbecome visible when patches of melanin build up with repeated UV exposure. Collagen decreases in the skin as we grow older, allowing the UV rays to pierce through and tear apart the fibers. For those of you conscious about remaining healthy and young-looking forever, this has to be the most convincing reason to start using sunscreen; save yourself from developing signs of aging!
Prevents Tanning
Being naturally dark skinned is different from attaining a tan through harsh and extensive sun exposure. The latter is unhealthy! You are subjecting yourself to the risk of being harmed by harsh ultraviolet rays, and we've already discussed why that's a problem. So be careful to choose the right sunscreen for your family with a minimum of sun protection factor 30 to prevent tanning induced by UV rays.
Keeps Skin Soft, Supple and Healthy 
It is very important to have sunscreen in your healthy skin strategy. It protects the vital skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and elastin, which are needed to keep the skin soft and healthy. Remember that UV rays are clever; they can pass through windows, and even clouds. So make sure everyone in your family wears sunblock, protective hats, and use your umbrella whenever you can!

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