We love Christmas in the Kaye household. 

We are full on foodies and love the feasts that this magical season brings, even Cameron now engages in the Christmas dinner shenanigans.... albeit with sweetcorn and chips, but he still has turkey which he thinks is chicken!!

Oh well his plate is just a little different – different is not wrong it’s just different.

This Christmas though I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach, you see I have agreed to do something during these holidays that is causing me anxiety and restless nights.

I have agreed whilst we are off from school and work and are having our special family time.  That it is this year, during these holidays that we will be telling Cameron about the “A” word.

AUTISM – it’s not a dirty word don’t get me wrong but it is a label that although my son never asked for, has been dealt the card and we have had to adjust. 

I never wanted Cameron to use this as a get out card or an excuse for not trying his very best, I didn’t want the knowledge to hold him back so whilst he was unaware or oblivious why should I tell him and burden him with this.

I had Cameron’s Year 5 transfer review in November you where we selected a high school to start the ball rolling for that. 

I have found a nice resourced mainstream school that I hope he is able to attend. As I had these meeting I was faced with concerns in Scholl that have raised from the way Cameron is now being perceived by others in his year group.

We were prewarned last year that as the children enter years 5 & 6, their emotional maturity development takes off and unfortunately for those that fall into the SEN category will not be developing at the same speed.  It is now that their “differences” will start to become more prevalent.

I was told that the children in Cameron’s class have grown up with him since preschool are very tolerant of him apart from one new child, and as he doesn’t understand what Cameron is like this causes friction. 

I was told though that their tolerances was wearing thin. 

They address these issues as and when but have told me so that I am aware, they told me that whilst having conversations with him after situations of him being called “weird” that Cameron has said that he does not know why he does certain things and it is this they feel is him starting to recognise that he is doing things that other children don’t.

So, we came to an agreement that I would take the steps this holidays to start to explain to Cameron just what autism is and why he may feel different; why he only likes certain foods or makes train horn noises or is fidgety.  

Why I have to tell him something a number of times before he will remember to do that thing or why he is extremely clever when it comes to general knowledge.

You see yes, he is different – but just like that plate of food he will sit down and eat on Christmas day, different is not wrong or weird or stupid – different is amazing and what more people should strive to be so that society excepts different.

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