This past weekend the Hinkley family took to the road for the annual Spina Bifida camp at Camp John Mark. 

This was our second year in attendance, and we still love it as much as we did our first year. Camp John Mark holds special camps every designated weekend for different diagnosis.

This past weekend was the weekend for Spina Bifida diagnosis or any related spinal cord diagnosis and/or injuries. The child with the diagnosis is to be under the age of seven (anyone over the age graduates to the bigger camp they hold), and their family and siblings can attend. 

We checked in Friday afternoon into our cabins and the camp lasted until Sunday morning.

They open Friday night with family style dinners, fun ice-breaker games, and a special treat or souvenir for the family. Saturday is the main day, in which you sign the family up for four different activities in which is fully accessible to children with needs such as wheelchairs.

You can choose from zip-lining, fishing, arts and crafts, and even cooking! Our family picked out art and crafts to start the day, fishing, followed by cooking and weird science. In between the day, they have lunch and a carnival for everyone to enjoy!

It was such a treat to see Oliver interacting with other children, showing off his first year with his big boy wheelchair.

Our first year that we attended, Oliver zipped around in his specially designed Bumbo wheelchair. The kids were able to play games like foosball, Legos, and even BINGO. 

The camp also holds two separate events for moms and dads, in which they are able to meet with other moms and dads and just discuss things that may be on their mind, or inquire about things related to their children’s diagnosis.

I attended my first one this year, and it was so helpful to have other mothers who could give me advice about ways to approach upcoming situations like potty training.

The thing I love so much about this camp, is that in a world where you can sometimes feel so alone and not understood, they have brought us together to unite as a family.

Other families who can finally come together to see the support we have for one another, and for their children to see that there are others just like them! 

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