If you’re tired of feeding your family less than wholesome snacks like cookies and chips, there’s no better time than right now to make the switch. 

Healthy snacking doesn’t need to be flavourless though. Here are 10 fantastic ideas for healthy snacks your whole family will love!

1. Homemade veggie chips

Crispy, crunchy chips don’t have to be unhealthy. You can make your own out of just about any vegetable you can think of. From sweet potato chips to kale chips, your oven can help you crisp them to perfection for a perfectly crunchable snack they’ll love.

2. Fruit and yogurt parfaits

Greek yogurt is so good for you and it tastes great too. Layer it with crunchy granola and fresh berries for a treat that is as delicious as it is healthy!

3. Hummus

Go for a dip with hummus. Made from chickpeas which are packed with antioxidants, it tastes amazing on cut up vegetables, toasted pita bread, or even pretzel sticks. Kids love dipping things too so it’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Healthy popsicles

Especially in the hotter months, having a cool and refreshing snack is important. Everyone loves popsicles, so grab some popsicle moulds from the dollar store and fill them with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. Or try coconut water for a tropical treat, or even blend up fresh fruit before it gets into overripe territory. All of these make amazing frozen treats!

5. Air-popped popcorn

Popcorn is one snack that everyone loves that, when air-popped, is a remarkably healthy choice. Plus, you can season it in a variety of ways. Try Cajun for the grown-ups and butter for the kids on a family movie night!

6. No-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies

Everyone loves sweet things, so give the family a cookie you can feel good about them eating. Mix a cup of natural peanut butter, 1/2-cup of raw organic honey, and 1/2-cup of coconut oil into a saucepan and melt it gently. Remove it from the heat and add 2 teaspoons of vanilla, 2 1/4 cups of quick oats (gluten-free if you prefer), and 6 tablespoons of pure cocoa powder. Drop it by the spoonful onto wax paper and cool before serving.

7. Fresh fruit salad

The canned stuff is full of sugar. Use the fresh fruits you buy from the market to make seasonal fresh fruit salad bowls. The combinations are limitless, plus you can make it super fun for kids by putting it in ice cream cones.

8. Make your own trail mix

Throw together your favourite nuts and dried fruits and you’ll have a protein-packed trail mix you can bag up for car rides, trips to the zoo, or just hanging out at home.

9. Cheese and wheat crackers

Cheese and crackers is a wonderful snack, so long as you use crackers made of whole wheat. The kids won’t even notice they’ll be so focused on the cheese!

10. Roasted chickpeas

Another healthy yet poppable snack is roasting chickpeas. More antioxidants for them and an easy nutritious make-at-home-snack you’ll be a winner with.

What are your favourite family-friendly snacks?

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