We recently celebrated Eve’s birthday and it’s been fun thinking about what a perfect day would look like for her.

Eve is non-verbal but definitely communicates her preferences to us.

She may not do it with words but certain things make her smile, giggle or sometimes we get that irresistible belly laugh that makes us all laugh. I knew we needed bubbles, her favorite and so I bought her a new bubble machine with plenty of refill bubble liquid for the rest of the summer. She loves being outside so we decided to have a few neighborhood friends over for treats. And speaking of friends, she definitely loves to be around her siblings and other friends.

Eve’s gifts were simple perhaps to others; bubbles, instruments and books. But these are the source of such joy in her life.

Her cupcake was really pudding with whipped cream and a candle. She didn’t need an extravagant party with expensive presents. And I doubt that she would have enjoyed that anyway.

We didn’t set a time for the party, we just figured that when she woke up from a quick nap, we would send her siblings to invite neighbor friends over for treats. We put her new bubble machine up in our tree where two branches meet so bubbles would fall from the sky. We set out a blanket to sit on and it was time to party.

Eve loved the attention as she sat on her oldest sister’s lap. She knew something fun was wrapped in each present and she loved everyone singing to her. It was a beautiful, peaceful celebration of Eve’s life and she had the best time. After the clean up, I sat to think about how in the midst of all the celebrating, Eve has given me a gift. Her pure joy for things most of us take for granted is such a special gift to receive.

Time with friends, a slower pace and just pure fun. Those are the gifts that matter to Eve and now also matter to me.

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