The BS8300 is the British Standard that deals with accessibility in buildings which has been under review for some time and last month, draft of the public consultation was published.

We should start by saying that the BS 8300 is a massive document with an extensive remit which contains a lot of information to enable designers, developers and service providers to enable access to their buildings for people with a wide variety of disabilities and aims to ensure they include more than just the essential ramps and lifts.

We are particularly interested in this document as it deals with accessible toilets within private sector buildings that are accessed by the public, including Changing Places & Space to Change style toilets.

We are sorry to say that we have found the suggested amendments extremely disappointing as the document still implies that changing places toilets are an added extra as they are not included in the standards for sanitary provision.

Without clearer guidance people who require changing places toilets will continue to be required to fight for these essential facilities as developers and service providers will continue to see them as being a luxury provision instead of an essential facility for many potential visitors.

However, right now this is still a draft document and it is open to comments until 13th August, so, if any aspects of accessibility affect you or someone you know, do take a moment to have a look at the draft document and leave your views.

You can register with the BSi to view the draft and submit your own comments on the standards (until 13th August), as an individual or on behalf of an organisation, by entering BS 8300 into the search bar, here:  BS 8300 for public consultation

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