I am the mother of two boys under the age of 5, one of whom has special needs and I try to keep my sanity by finding the humor in some of our stressful situations.  

I really encourage all Moms to try and do this as much as possible.  

Sometimes even on the worst days little things happen to remind us we are only human.  

Every day is a gift and that is why they call it the present so let’s do our best to try and smile and chuckle once day.  

Now I know you didn’t ask me to provide you with an example of how I do this but guess what? 

I am going to give you one.  

Last Thursday, just before midnight my husband and I were getting ready for bed discussing who owed who feet rub when we heard our 3yr old son start screaming from his bed. 

I grabbed him from his crib and could see he was sweating profusely.  

I ran to the bathroom because it had the best lighting and started the shower because I could see he was having trouble breathing and thought the moisture would help.  

At this point my husband asked if he should dial 911 and I said yes, I could see that Matthew could inhale but he was in pain when trying to exhale.  

I quickly took our son down to the kitchen and opened the freezer thinking now that the cool air would be more beneficial and when the ambulance was on its way I walked out front holding little Matthew so he could breath in the cool night air.  

In the end the medics could hear that Matthew had croup and told me to take care of him at home over night because we happened to have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. 

By now you’re thinking how is any of this funny, well when I got to tell the story the next day I found myself laughing with friends and family at the little details.  

When Matthew and I reached the front porch he let out a huge belch and I could immediately feel him relax and snuggle into my neck.  

The pain I thought he was having from having trouble breathing was really from indigestion.  

While waiting for the ambulance I realized that because we were getting ready for bed that meant I would most likely being going to the hospital in what I was wearing, shorts that were way too short for public view and sans several undergarments.  

Because I was bare foot my husband quickly found a pair of his men’s size 13 sandals.  

As he slipped his giant sandals on to my feet and said “This is it am I going to be the half naked lady in the ER tonight.  Well, I guess everyone has to take their turn”.  

Like I mentioned we didn’t have to take Matthew to the hospital that night but because of my luck everyone that showed up at our house was a male.  

They were all very professional and gentleman like but I couldn’t help but think about my exposed derriere cheeks every time the wind blew across our front porch.

So even though it started out a horrible situation when the dust settled we were able to think of it as the night Matthew almost took an ambulance ride due to gas and I could have been arrested for indecent exposure.


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