The holidays are here, which means a new year is right around the corner, and a new year means new resolutions. Right? Right. Kind of like my resolution to lose weight every year, only I end up finding it instead.

Anyway, despite the fact that many of us fail at them, resolutions are supposed to make us a better version of ourselves. So, in honor of that, I’m sharing six resolutions all parents of special needs children should make this year.

Take Time for Yourself

That’s right, I said it. Take time for you! Parents, there is nothing that adds additional stress more than being burned out. Everyone needs a break, sometimes, and I’m not talking about an annual vacation. I’m talking about you and your partner putting your heads together and coming up with at least one day out of the month in which the two of you take some time for yourself. Even if it’s just a couple of hours away to go see a movie, or planning a shopping trip without kids, trust me, that little break will do wonders for your soul.

Celebrate the Small Stuff

In the past six months alone, my husband and I have hooped and hollered(that’s a southern term, for those who aren’t acquainted) and shed tears over a C-minus score on a sight test, because it took three months of very hard work for our Cooper to get that grade. We even took him to get pizza and pick out a new toy because we were so proud. Life is so much easier when you learn to appreciate the small victories.

Call to Action

Make it your mission to come into contact with a governing official in your state or region to share your child’s story and how he or she can implement programs that will help your family and others like you. Don’t give up. The special needs community needs more political figures taking heart and finding assistance.

Share Your Story with Another Family

There is nothing, I mean nothing, that has helped me come to terms with my son’s own needs than hearing stories from other parents of special needs kids. With so many parents feeling alone in their struggles with their child, it’s almost selfish to not share your own story.

Be Grateful…No Matter What

When I remember to be grateful for those little victories, for the little bright moments, suddenly things don’t look so bleak. Our children are still miracles, and that fact is enough to remain thankful for them and all they bring to our lives.

Show Love

Hug and kiss your children every day, as many times a day as they’ll allow it.

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