This is important but it is easier said than done.

You MUST make time for yourself.


If you are like me, you may not have a vast support network of friends and family that you could ask to look after your child/children but if someone you know and trust offers to look after your child, unless you have an extremely good reason, do not say no.

If you work, although I know a lot (if not all) of your holidays will be taken on attending the never-ending stream of appointments.

Please try to make sure you have at least one day off where you do something for yourself.

When I say make time for yourself, I do not mean go home and put a wash on, hoover or do the ironing just because you have a few child-free hours to get the housework done, I mean do something that you really enjoy, maybe something you used to do before you became a parent.

The world is not going to stop because you haven’t got your housework done.

It could be anything from watching a film, reading a book or even going to the gym, just as long as you find it relaxing and enjoy yourself.

Even better, do something that you have always wanted to try but have never got the chance.

I know I am guilty of not making time for myself. 

Neal is constantly saying to me ’will you just sit down?’ and my reply is usually ‘I just need to do this...’ or ‘I just need to do that…’

I always feel like I have to be doing something even though most of the times they are things I would rather not be doing.

Oscar was looked after by my in-laws a few weeks ago so we could have a break but also because they wanted to spend some time with him as they don’t get to see as much now he is at school.

Neal decided he was watching a film but I decided I was going to do housework. 

After a bit of a heated debate about me ‘never stopping to relax’ I agreed to watch the film as well.

After 10 minutes of watching the film, I realised I have no interest whatsoever in radioactive monsters who are, of course, trying to destroy the world. 

So, I picked up a book and read and before I knew it, it was time to go and collect Oscar. 

But, I enjoyed just being able to read a book without any interruptions, as it is something that just doesn’t happen anymore.

If you don’t make time for yourself you will more than likely burn out and make yourself ill. 

You must look after yourself so you are able to look after your child, so always try your best to have a rest where you can.

Remember, as the saying goes, ‘A tidy house is the sign of a wasted life.’

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