Today my daughter had a fabulous time playing with stones.

No, we don’t live in the developing world and we weren’t spending the day at the seaside.

We were just out our back door. 

Playing with stones – really? 

What’s the value in that when we have no shortage of fun, interesting, and some rather expensive toys inside, you may ask? 

We really have been blessed with a plethora of wonderful toys, books and devices to help our little 4 year old play and develop her senses to the best of her ability. 

This is particularly important as she is deaf and mostly blind, and has limited mobility. 

She uses her hands to touch and explore and to “see” things too. 

And to communicate to us her needs via gestures and sign language. 

She gets around the place scooting on her bottom primarily. 

When she wants to be upright, she uses our hands for support to walk, along with her Upsee and gait trainer for longer distances. 

Later this morning, after playing for a few hours in the living area and kitchen, Brielle and I dandered outside. 

We wanted to see how Granda was getting on with the gardening. 

Brielle squirmed in my arms- her signal to get down and be let loose. 

She proceeded to have a blast scooting back and forth (and in circles!) on the grass. 

When we were ready to head back inside, I took Brielle by the hands and she took a step on the stones - I was curious to see what her bare-footed reaction to the stones would be. 

Immediately she recoiled and wanted to sit down on the stones. 

Down she plopped and played in the stones for the next 10 minutes. 

I got down on the ground with her and she handed stones to me one at a time, and thought it was funny when I said “thank you…thank you…thank you!” 

Her sense of touch must have been on overload as she picked up stone after stone, and they never ran out! 

And as she ran her little toes over and through the sea of little grey stones. 

We decided to collect 8 of the bigger stones, and bring them in a plastic bowl to play with in the living room. 

Granny came in from shopping, saw stones strewn across the carpet and remarked “What on earth are you doing with all those stones?!” 

She quickly caught on to Brielle’s new treasures! 

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make for excellent sensory exploration and fun! She also loves to play with water, bark, sand, grass, cardboard boxes. 

Today, it was stones. 

I’m all for simple and spur-of-the-moment kind of activities. 

And anything that brings a smile or two to my wee girl’s face!

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