Do you ever feel tangled up or tight inside your body/head?

Not necessarily the big stuff like backaches and headaches, but those little things like neck creaks, stiff shoulders and just out of sorts all over.

Sometimes we just need some simple movement to help us get unstuck with regards to our body so that we can feel better.

When we get stressed with lots of different things flying in all directions it’s hard to get a handle on exactly what to do.

Sometimes the easiest thing is to do nothing. That doesn’t get you anywhere, does it?

Doing nothing is familiar and safe but it sure isn’t helping you feel better.


But feeling better isn’t really complicated.

Maybe we think it’s complicated because we don’t really know what to do.

Did you know that a few simple movements can help untangle your body and mind?

It can be incredibly efficient at ungluing places you’d never suspect as affected.


Movement doesn’t have to be complex.

Movement is about opening up space inside your body, brain and mind.

Movement that’s simple and not connected to “exercise” might be just what you need to help you reconnect back to yourself.

It’s all about taking it slow and keeping it simple.


It can help you feel better, and that can happen pretty quickly. Like in the first 30 seconds.

You know why? Because it’s the act of stepping aside, slowing down and just being with yourself. Being with yourself in a way that may even look and feel playful.

That’s the beauty of this movement, it’s not like we’re imposing a demand on ourselves.

You can help your body, brain and mind remember itself, the self that you are giving out, with this simple series of movements.


And go into it without expecting anything specific from it, just the joy of it with yourself.

Be curious.

See what happens.


Here's a video to show you an idea of simple movement you can do. You can do it anywhere really.

Sense into your breathing and even into your tightness. This will help you hone in on your awareness at a deeper level.

You’ll feel looser and lighter and most importantly, unstuck.


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