It is almost school holiday time.

Oscar is off school for seven weeks.

Yes, seven weeks!

I asked one of the mum’s at school if she had anything planned for the school holidays with her two children and she said that she had something planned or they were doing something whether it was a holiday club etc every single day of the holidays. 

I could only look at her in awe at how organised she was. 

It also made me realise I am not organised at all! 

So, I need to get organised and I have a few tips I am going to share with you. 

Plan I have got a family planner just for the weeks of the school holidays. 

I have marked off days where I know we have got appointments (does you planner already look quite full?), days when Oscar is at the holiday club, days when he will be paying Grandma & Grandad a visit for the day and any special occasions/events I know that we will be going to. 

Also, put on any actual holidays away that you are going on as well. 

That just leaves all the other days to figure out, what to do?! 


School holidays can be expensive. 

Check on the internet to see if there are any free local events that may be suitable and accessible. 

You will often find that there are lots of different events on and if they are free, even better. 

If you are planning trips to the zoo, cinema, beach, theme parks, farms etc budget as best as you can for these. 

Be cheeky and see if there is a reduced rate for a carer or a child with additional needs. 

Sometimes there are discounts but some places are not forthcoming with letting you know. 

Also, check the internet to see if there are any voucher codes or reduced rates to be had if you book in advance online. 

Take a picnic with you as places like to charge you a fortune for food. 

Stock up 

Now, this one will depend on your shopping budget and space. 

Stock up on the items you use daily, nappies/pads, wipes, kitchen rolls, toilet rolls, washing powder etc. 

You will already probably be a little bit stressed from having the children at home and finding out that there is no loo roll left may just push you over the edge! 

Especially, when you did not want to particularly go to the shops with the kids in tow. 

Stock up on any medicines you may need as well if possible. 

That is, if they do not need to be kept in the fridge and be used within a certain time. 

I find Oscar hates going to the chemist and will let everyone there know. 

I think it is because it is in the same building as our doctors but I am only guessing on that one. 

However, it is a lot less stressful if I can just go and get his prescription on my own. 

Make a list

I have become a person who writes lists. 

If I don’t, I cannot remember anything. 

Write a list of activities your child likes to do at home and in the garden and maybe some activities that you may not do very often. 

Making dens
Playing in the sandpit/water
Messy play
Treasure hunts
Treasure baskets
Bowling in the garden

The list is endless really. 

But, sometimes when faced with boredom and children not being as good as you would like, it can be difficult to think of something of the top of your head, therefore you can consult your list. 

Get in a few sticker books, new crafts, cheap DVDs (you know it will rain at some point), some cheap sensory toys and hide them away. 

When you get them out your child will hopefully feel like they are getting a treat as they have something new to play with/watch. 

Finally, have fun! 

For me, there is nothing better than spending time with my family but don’t forget at the end of the day to put your feet up and have a well earned rest.

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