Running is great exercise and can be done almost everywhere. Its benefit includes; fat burning, strengthens your heart and gives you the exercise you need. 

As women, there is a need to consider your comfort and safety while running.

Women can develop a foot injury due to ground conditions encountered, such as uneven pavement, holes or hidden objects.

Below are safety tips you must observe:

Running Shoes

The number one safety tip for women while running is selecting the right shoes.

With many manufacturers of shoes in the market, only a few seem to dominate the market for women's running shoes.

Important criteria to be met by a woman's running shoe is to ensure safety, durability, comfort and made with quality materials.

Concerning the fitting, the shoe should not have enough room to adjust to feeling like they can slip and slide during movement.

Also, do not wear a shoe that fits so snug that you feel a loss of sensation in your toes or any part of your foot. Good design will support the ankle.

A good running shoe should provide a sufficient cushion in the heel to absorb shock on the joints while running.

You can be concerned with colors and elegant design, but do not forget to look for the right kind of shoes to use support, cushioning and airflow.

Protect Your Joints

One of the things that happen while running is joint injuries.

For women, this can become a long-term problem, because they have more bone and joint issues compared to men.

It is important that when running, make every effort to protect your joints.

Wear shoes with a lot of padding. Run on soft surfaces such as grass while avoiding concrete.

Running on these harder surfaces increases your chances of long-term injuries.

Watch Your Bone Health

Be sure to monitor your bone health, especially if you are a bit older.

Make sure you get enough calcium in your diet and do what you need to do to get stronger bones.

The impact of running to a certain extent strengthens bones but can weaken them too over time.

Be Safe From Potential Predators

When running, you should be safe from potential predators. Run in safe places.

Consider a running mate or a dog with you at all times for safety.

Always know your surroundings and who is close to you.

Use different routes, so that no one can have a predictable pattern of your activities.

Run without blasting your music so loud that you cannot hear who is behind you.

Apply Runners Gel/Powder

The question that many women face is their legs rubbing together. Considering the position of the legs, it can be a problem.

There is a gel for runners which will help your legs glide against each other better.

You can also apply powders which can prevent friction.

Running is a great workout for women to reduce weight, keep fit and have a healthy heart.

With these safety tips, you will feel comfortable for a longer time, as well as safer when running.

Check with your GP or Physician before you start any new type of exercise regime and then build up slowly.

The best way to make sure you keep active in the long term is to include activity in your daily life and try to find something you enjoy.

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